PFD from P&B

P&B Textiles “Dyer’s Cloth” MDYE123W is what I use. It is a good mid-weight fabric that is fine for use in both machine and hand applications.


  • threads/in: 78 x 78 
  •  g/yd: 126
  •  g/m: 138
  •  width:  47″/45″ washed/unwashed
  • g/yd2: 97

I would be happy to sell you drop shipped bolts of this cloth at the price of $4.45/yard. They ship from Rhode Island, so I’m including the cost of shipping to SoCal with the purchase price (which should be at the top end of the scale). If shipping to your area is less expensive, I’ll refund your PayPal account for the difference, and if it’s more, I’ll send you an additional PayPal invoice. I am only able to do this for folks in the U.S., sorry!

The business day after you order from me, I’ll call them to place the order. Please note: there is a definite lag time between me ordering the fabric and them actually shipping it. I would estimate 2 work weeks between you placing the order with me and you receiving the fabric, so if you’re in a rush, this is not a good option for you.


P & B Dyer’s Cloth, $4.45/yard

Will refund or send separate invoice for shipping differences

$129 for 25 yard bolt

$487 for 100 yard roll

Includes $18 shipping
Price: $25.00